Little Arf'n Annie Dog Grooming & Training

Using positive holistic methods, we are dedicated to enhancing
the general well-being and relationship of your animal companions.

Our pets love us unconditionally and we should love them with the same devotion. Their well-being depends on regular vet care, grooming care as well as taking the responsibility to train them to be model canine good citizens.


"Hi! My name is Amigo and this is my brother Chico. We have been going to Little Arf'n Annies for haircuts since we were puppies. Our owner learned about Little Arf'n Annies from a friend who had been going there for years too. We are always excited to see our groomer and have our haircut. If we are good puppies, our groomer lets us play upstairs until our owner comes and gets us."

- Amigo and Chico